Fashion! Put It All On Me ➝  Georges Hobeika f/w 2014-15 [I/II]

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Lauren Bacall photographed by Jerry Plucer-Sarna, c. 1943

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i never really liked

my name


until i found out

what it tastes like

when you write it in frosting

on top of a cake

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untitled by nathmart on Flickr.

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+it looks like a heart  +so nice  +and so simple  +I really like the sound of the waves crashing against the shore  +so peaceful and yet so aggressive  +waves  +reflex  +beach  +cliff 


I keep a list of places where we should be sitting together
Credit || Flickr
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+I have one too  +but I'm ok with sitting alone  +shore  +forest  +fog  +reflex  +beach 


how to tell i am comfortable talking to you:

  • i say things that make zero sense
  • i say the random things that come to mind
  • i act like a complete idiot when talking to you
  • i use dumb emoticons 
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+I also make strange faces  +and talk really loud  +about me 


Salvador Dali by Willy Rizzo, 1966.

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+Salvador Dali  +black and white 

"I opened my door for you and you came in and burned my house down."

my lungs are filling with smoke but i cant leave (via insanosylum)
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"You’re only given a little spark of madness. Don’t lose it."

—Robin Williams (via purplebuddhaproject)
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